-ING spatial acts

edited by Gabor Stark and Oren Lieberman

designed by Marit Münzberg

The -ing thing

The suffix '-ing'established various modes of perfomative spatial production, which are both actions and materials simultaneously. It can name a verbal action, an example of such, or indeed, its effect or outcome, for example building. It can also refer to things, which are used in a process, such as cladding. And, more generally, the suffix forms the gerund, that is, the verbal noun. Without wanting to classify them, ing's entanglements of materials and actions consolidate various ontologicla positions, which aver the situational, the relational, the contextual, the contingent in spatial production. For us, entitling this object -ing recognises both the variety of possible enactments of performative spatial practices as well as the potential to locate these practices somewhere. This book presents projects and texts by staff and students of the Canterbury School of Architecture, which all develop theses relating to the question of how space is enacted/ practiced.

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