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Lawn Follies: Creative Residencies 2014-2015

At CSA students have the opportunity learn through full scale building projects on and off campus. We believe these experiences are vital to creating rigorous and ambitious designers and architects who are able to work creatively with engineers, fabricators, contractors and clients to realise ambitious and novel projects.

Generative Folly 2014
This week long Creative Residency workshop with students from the Canterbury School of Architecture’s Third year Interior Architecture and Design BA and the MA Architecture courses was run in collaboration with Hanif Kara from Structural Engineers AKT II. Students were challenged by Hanif to come up with design solutions for the deployment of a repetitive timber module. The video below recorded the rapid workshopping process of testing, evaluating and prototyping that led to the final proposal that can be seen in the images opposite.

Creative Resident
Professor Hanif Kara is a practising Structural Engineer and Professor in Practice of Architectural Technology at the Graduate School of Design Harvard. His work is recognised as being linked with the research and education areas of design. He co-tutored a Diploma Unit at the Architecture Association London from 2000 to 2004 and was visiting Professor of Architectural Technology at KTH Stockholm from 2007 to 2012. As Design Director and co-founder of AKTII (est 1996), his particular ‘design-led’ approach and interest in innovative form, sustainable construction and complex analysis methods have allowed him to work on pioneering projects such as Phaeno Science Centre, Peckham Library (with UCA Professor of Architecture Will Alsop) and MIST at Masdar City.

CSA Project team: Sam McElhinney & Dave Di Duca

Project cost: £1200 (a lot cheaper than the Serpentine Pavilion!)
Construction time: 2 days

The Generative Folly, BA Interior Architecture and Design 2014 from CantArch on Vimeo.

Tensile Folly 2015
In collaboration with Nick Westby of Westby and Jones and Mike Hutchison of Momentum Engineering, students from BA Interior Architecture & Design, MA Architecture & MA Interior Design worked on the construction of a full scale pavilion on the lawn at the heart of UCA’s Canterbury campus. As part of an extended workshop students competitively prepared design proposals for the assembly of a series of geometric building blocks into a novel structure. These were then reviewed and critiqued and a final proposal selected. Six small teams with the assistance of UCA technicians completed the mass fabrication of 240 simple structural elements and then playfully explored their potential to make space on the lawn. The structure was in place for 3 months.

Creative Residents
Nick Westby, Westby Jones
Mike Hutchinson, Momentum Engineering

CSA Project team: Sam McElhinney & Dave Di Duca

Project cost: £1600 (a lot cheaper than the Serpentine Pavilion!)
Construction time: 2 days