aberrant architecture 6pm 6 December

aberrant architecture

a public lecture


BAR 1730



We propose an incomplete manifesto. A manifesto that will constantly grow and evolve as we live, research, produce, and experience new events.

  1. Thinking before doing

We concern ourselves with research, the architecture before building: We believe in stopping and thinking before trying to solve a problem purely with building.

  1. Embracing Normality

We believe the greatest creative pressure on designers is not so much to be different; but to come to terms with normality or the everyday issues that affect us all. Most current architects ignore normality. There is a fear that if the art of architecture became normal it would cease to exist. Consequently most current architecture fails to provide any model that can be used in everyday buildings not destined to be icons.

  1. People before design

We care more about people than we do about iconic design.

  1. For us, architecture is not simply about buildings and what they look like.
    We are a part of an emerging generation of architects and designers who are choosing to eschew a straightforward architectural approach in favour of operating multi-disciplinary studios. We provide the tools to maximize the potential of our complex built environment by on the one hand, facilitating the emerging fl exible lifestyles that are happening inside, and on the other hand, looking to design the new environments popping up outside of these traditional physical parameters.
    These tools could be physical or digital, a structure or an application, practical or conceptual, but they each share a common purpose to increase the potential for human interaction in architecture, just as large swathes of our built environment become increasingly redundant and existing buildings prove inadequate for the needs of those who use them. Our research is aimed at the real world, addressing areas of everyday culture. Our proposals are often playful and humorous, always open and accessible to everyone, and we place people at the heart of everything we design.

  2. We observe the way people currently live and work
    We are inspired by the way contemporary lifestyles are evolving, and we imagine new ways that our environments can respond to these changing trends. Lifestyles are becoming more fl exible and the space where living and working occurs more diverse. Modern technological developments like the Internet mean that people are increasingly leaving the offi ce and the factory behind them. “Wherever I am with my laptop” is increasingly becoming a viable workplace. Compared with more traditional ways of living and working, there are defi nite benefi ts from the added freedom that these kinds of flexible lifestyles provide. At the same time, they also bring with them a new set of challenges and distractions, such as the isolation bred from a lack of regular face-to-face contact with colleagues.