edited by Nic Clear and Gabor Stark

designed by Marit Münzberg

adjacencies: a project

'adjacencies' came about as the result of a 'day-out' that members of staff from CSA attended in January 2008. It was the first time that nearly all full-time and sessional staff members had got together; the strategic ambition was to discuss what the school was, but more importantly; what the school could be. What was interesting about that meeting and hopefully something that carries on in this book, was the fact that the conversations took place within a healthy atmosphere of debate and, dare we say, disagreement.

Such an open and accepting acknowledgement of differing ideas should be seen against a background where many design schools seek to homogenise their 'message' and/or actively cultivate a 'corporate style' school branding; this, thankfully, is not the case at CSA. Design education should not be seen as a monoculture (particularly not in a cosmopolitan environment like CSA; where students and staff from fifty nations were represented 2007/08), nor is it an area of absolute certainty. design education has to be something that is continually contested, subjected to scrutiny and argued over.

The title, 'adjacencies' reflects a number of ideas, it reflects the intimate size of the school itself and the fact that we all work in such close proximity to one another. It also relates to the fact that at CSA, Architecture and Interior Architecture & Design operate on a wider campus next door to a Fine Art School, with which it shares a number of courses and resources. Finally it also reflects the organisational structure of the book itself.