Alternative Spatial Design

Since the beginning of their first semester teaching here at CSA, creative duo Daniel Tollady and Anna Baranowska have been working with the first year Interior Architecture and Design students, encouraging them to ‘think outside the box’ and develop an alternative approach to spatial design. To achieve this, the semester has been broken down into three phases: Phase 1: The casting of negative space into solid sculptural objects, exploring the dialogue between the body, object and space / creating, curating and marketing an exhibition to feature this work. (This exhibition was then featured in the local newspapers!) Phase 2: Creating a fictional machine that defines and changes spatial programme. Phase 3: Devising a programme and creating a device that analyses the human body as an extension of space and alters it / creating a public performance with a team of dancers and physical theatre performers for the presentation of this programme. Currently, Phase 3 is underway and the public performance is to be held on Tuesday 17January 2012 (further details to be disclosed at a later date). For a more detailed insight into this work, visit