CSA Student Success in 2011 Animal Architecture Awards

Congratulaitons to Graduate Diploma student Carla Novak, who's Racing Pigeon Clubhouse proposals have been awarded an Honourable Mention in the 2011 Animal Architecture Awards. This international competition was judged by Sanford Kwinter and Geoff Manaugh amongst others.

Reasserting Pigeon Heroism

Project Abstract

This project is a design for the conversion of a Victorian Terrace in Dover into a Racing Pigeon Clubhouse.  The hope is for the building to stimulate awareness and interest in pigeon racing as well as undoing the ever-increasingly negative reputation of the pigeon amongst the British public.

The British Pigeon has a much-forgotten heroic association with Dover as they acted on behalf of the British Army during World War I and II, defending Britain’s front line along the White Cliffs of Dover. Buckland Pigeon Racing Club in Dover is in need of new facilities for a clubhouse and is a prime opportunity to start a pigeon revolution for the rest of the country to follow.

The backyard of the Victorian terrace has been the starting point of pigeon breeding for many years, and common garden sheds the original home of the pigeons recruited for the historic British Pigeon Service.

Therefore, the conversion of an abandoned Victorian terrace shop in Dover, creates an interesting home for a pigeon club working to create a pigeon safe haven and promote awareness of pigeon racing, whilst simultaneously working to reinstate the pigeon’s former heroic status.

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