CSA student to represent England at EASA 2019

Second year Architecture student Lauris Svarups has been chosen to be one of five students who will represent England at this year’s EASA workshop in Villars-sur-Ollon, Switzerland.

EASA, the European Architecture Students Assembly, is an international student network bringing together like-minded students of architecture and other disciplines. Over 2 weeks in the summer, EASA explores the potential of architecture as a social and educational tool through construction and theoretical workshops. The EASA events are a radical alternative to traditional education systems, an open community of people who live, work and socialize together in an economy of mutual aid and shared learning. EASA has been running for over 40 years, it is the oldest continually running entirely mutual architecture platform.

Organized by EASA Switzerland, this year’s theme TOURIST will explore architecture as part of the larger global/local problem of tourism, migration, mobility, transit and their impact on culture and place. For more information please visit:

Here the link to the animation that Lauris submitted for the official open call by EASA Switzerland:

Congratulations, Lauris!