Duggan Morris Architects

Mary Duggan

Duggan Morris Architects Public Lecture

6pm Cragg Lecture

16th February 2012

TheatreEstablished in 2004, Duggan Morris Architects is a highly ambitious design led practice, with a proven track record across a broad spectrum of sectors and scales.

Our architecture is borne out of a rigorous design process and is communicated through a range of media, enabling a wide range of opportunities to be explored.

We are strongly influenced by the unique attributes of each site and its context, seeking out the qualities that contribute to a sense of place; qualities which will be evident for future generations.

We listen. We take notes. We ask questions. We draw out the knowledge and experience of others ensuring richness in thinking and exchange. We work with a range of clients, end users, specialists and consultants employing a variety of methods ranging from ‘one to one’ engagement to wholesale immersion programmes.

Our work has been recognised with numerous international competition wins and industry awards, most notably as runner up in the Young Architect of the Year Award (YAYA), Architect of the Year Awards (AYA) and the Architectural Review Emerging Architects Awards all in 2009.

In short we believe in an architecture which is;

  • Responsive to the context and character of a site

  • Enriched by a communicative and analytical process

  • Responsive to the constraints of time and budget, often in demanding circumstances

  • Bold, sensitive and innovative

  • Developed though collaboration and a multi-disciplinary approach

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