extensive : intensive

edited by Christoph Lueder

designed by Marit Münzberg

extensive : intensive

Oren Lieberman

Drawing on Deleuze, the concept of extensive/intensive is used by Christoph Lueder in this book as a framing device; diagrams of practitioners, academicians, and students are used, interpreted, and made through it. Both the notion of extensive/intensive and the diagram itself - and how they modulate ou reading and practice of space - are useful to further explicate circulating objects.

Some expressions of such objects reside in their 'metrological' durability, their extensions as objects in relationships to, and bounded by, other objects. At the same time, these objects, as relationships, continuously shift, creating/ expressing zones of intensity (Deleuze). In their travels, these publications, still extensively delimited by the body that is Canterbury School of Architecture, may produce debate, discussion, dialogue. These intensities are processes that continuously renegotiate, and indeed recreate, those extensive limits.

And as diagrams (which are also examples of the index), these circulating objects represent as well as transform; they set and establish a perspective, a viewpoint, a frame, an agenda - diagnosing and stating a position - and are performative in their agency to create something different. Again, asa representational tools, diagrams - like circulating objects - enable us to communicate with ourselves and others about what, and how, we are thinking and making; at the same time, as parts of our distributed cognitive apparatus, they think and make us.