Gillian Darley Lecture

Strange Utopias

Public lecture by Gillian Darley, 16th February 2012

Cragg Lecture Theatre

Lecture at 1600

Gillian Darley is an architectural historian, journalist and broadcaster. She has written extensively on the development of idealised communities, garden cities and new towns as well as more unusual and idiosyncratic utopian settlements. Her book Villages of Vision: A Study of Strange Utopias is a ground-breaking study of idealised towns and villages in the UK from the 17th Century to the present. She has authored books on John Soane and Octavia Hill and recently published an essay on the role of New Towns in popular fiction in The Guardian - link here.

Gillian will talk about the history of alternative and utopian settlements in her lecture, providing an important theoretical background to projects currently being developed in the diploma school.