Grain Futures publication out now

The Isle of Grain sits on the easternmost point of the Hoo Peninsula and is home to a unique blend of landscape, wildlife, industry and communities. Grain has recently received a lot of media attention due to a number of Estuary Airport proposals, which raise the question of Grain’s future.
How can this Island of contrasts maintain its identity?
This publication speculates on the future of the Isle of Grain, specifically regarding the current airport proposals and their socio-economic impact. The publication is edited by four Master of Architecture students from Canterbury School of Architecture, UCA and looks to take an objective view with contributions from both for and against campaigners for an Estuary Airport.
Airports are playing an ever more important role in regional and local development. Infrastructure at this vast scale benefits society as a whole, but the environmental effects are a particularly heavy burden on the communities directly involved.
The current publication includes contributions which aim to capture Grain’s uniqueness and contrasts, alongside articles from locals and activists, as well as featuring the current airport proposals from Foster and Partners and Gensler, the first A380 landing on Grai and a number of speculative projects.