Interior Arch & Design; Trace-Space

Lilly Drolsum, a graduate from Interior Architecture & Design, proposes this project titled ‘Trace Space’ as an answer to the exhibition title Interior-Loci. With her images and installation exhibited at Free Range 2009 in London she focuses on the description of an interior through the performance of the human body. ‘Trace Space’ appropriates a conscious act of time-based registration of place. As such, it deals with aspects of the cinematographic with the aim to register memories of human occupation. The exteriorization or making visible of these memories aims to illustrate the importance of spatial performance through human presence. As our experience of the world around us, is increasingly more influenced by the unstable image, ‘Trace Space’ defines itself as a case study preoccupied with exploring basic forms of orientation in ‘time-space’ and what impact this might have on the design of place. ‘Trace Space’ investigates the mnemonics of place as a recording of a personal presence allowing the observer to step out of its own presence to become the observed, perhaps appropriating ‘self inflicted cubism’. Here photography and printing perform as an analysis; measur­ing choreographically defined qualities of space such as rhythm, tempo, and speed and describes kinetic representations of place closely related to its occupant’s performance.