LT RANCH SUMMER SESSION 2016, Stučiai, Lithuania

The LT Ranch, in its 8th year, led by Kristina Kotov, (Artistic Director and Stage 2 conveyor) explores life in the rural setting of Stučiai, Lithuania. This year, several of the School’s students collaborated with local barn building craftsmen to erect a Stoginė, translated as a roof building, to be used as a timber store over the coming winter months and workshop during the summer season. More of the Schools students collaborated, crafted and cooked alongside alumni and Chelsea College of Art MA Spatial Design students on site specific projects ranging from a shingled yurt to on site clay making and adhoc kiln firing to smoke, sensorial mappings, dismembering tanks, and sauna based cinematography.
Set within an idyllic and pastoral part of Lithuania, the LT Ranch allows for traditional construction spliced and often grafted with highly experimental architecture, art, film and installations.

Themes and moments of authenticity, the ephemeral, the permanent and the multi-sensorial were had on the Ranch.

Stones were moved, silver birch were coppiced, re-orderings and ceremonies made. Laughs were had, walks were walked, lakes were swum, soup was slurped and potatoes burnt, all as life on the Ranch unfolded as the luxury of no wi-fi and the slowness of the land was celebrated.

The Ranch is a site, a space and a home.

Participating CSA students were; Daniel Stilwell, Faezeh Fathi, Richard Long & Declan Ralph.

With special thanks to; the Anonymous Lithuanian Craftsman, Jeffrey Adjei, Lucy Jones & Ken Wilder.

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