MA Architecture Show 2014

MA Architecture students exhibited their design research outcomes at UCA Canterbury in August. The 2014 class spent their year investigating the theme of 'Magical Fabrications'. Their final projects are all 1:1 scale, intense and contextually responsive installations which span a diverse thematic range; from perceptual effects of light, shadow and perspective illusion to spatial agency, protest and occupation.

Our students have spent the year developing individual expertise in the architectural deployment of a range of media including drawings, models, kinetic mechanisms and crafted fabrication. Collectively these projects can be read as constructing a new spatial activism that simultaneously affords for critical debate and the experimental exploration of common yet complex notions of observer engagement and experiential delight in architecture. 

Projects and links:
Tina Zacharia, Mobius Daydream
Jui-Heng Chuang, Black Triptych
Maki Uesaka, Filters of Diffraction
Ania Djermouli, Triangle-Mobiles
Hualing Jiang, Hyperbolic Inflatable Array

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