Master of Architecture Catalogue 2016

The MArch course at UCA is uniquely conceived as a forum for architectural investigation and innovation. Design research is at the heart of what we do. The M.Arch offers an environment geared to the development of approaches and techniques, equipping students with transferrable skills and apposite contemporary architectural knowledge. Over the course of two years, students develop individual research agendas that inform and activate personal practical projects, within the broad research frameworks of the course and that of their tutor group. Knowledge is built through one-to-one tutorials, lectures, seminars and applied project exercises; us- ing dialogue and activism to frame understandings of cultural contexts and theoretical positions. Architectural and systemic issues of fabrication, meaning, representation, electronic media, interaction, cognition, emergent technologies and their capacities to inform modes of spatial production provide contemporary theoretical themes and frameworks within the course. Students are encouraged to interrogate and extend their knowledge of spatial theory through highly experimental projects. By the end of the course, students are equipped to adopt critical positions within the profession and wider society, initiate and deliver projects grounded and delivered in design-based research and continue a process of learning through experimentation and enquiry.