Mycro Communities

Architecture student Jordan Whitewood-Neal submitted his Final Stage 2 Project ‘Mycro Communities’ based in Ramsgate, Kent, to the online platform ‘Super Architects’ for consideration and has been selected and published from the 250 projects submitted per day.

In Jordan’s own words:
'This project is a direct response to the declining state of Ramsgate in terms of social and development issues. Its main goal is utilizing a unique biological material in a new way which provides the local community with a self organised production and distribution of civic spaces. The building itself sits at the centre of this, not only acting as the machine for the production of mycelium components, but also as a new social space which will catalyse community involvement and begin regeneration of its local context.'

The full project can be found here:

Many congratulations!

The ‘Super Architects’ forum’s manifesto is to publish unrealizable projects from within institutions from around the globe. The full manifesto & mission overviews can be found here: