PolyCatOikia. PAFOS 2017 European Capital of Culture

Last month CSA lecturer Gabor Stark and UCA alumnus Emilio Koutsoftides installed their public sculpture-cum-cat shelter project in Cyprus. The PolyCatOikia operates like a hotel resort - only for cats. It features fourteen semi-enclosed private suites, so called Cat Flats, plus four communal restaurants, or Feeding Loggias. The complex comes all-inclusive with an open-plan ‘Bikini-Level’ on the fourth storey and a roof terrace-cum-viewing platform for the cats’ favourite activities of sunbathing, being lazy and on top of things. The modular tectonic rigour of the quasi-architectural structure is balanced by the meandering circulation system of kitten-safe ramps, bridges and balconies, allowing for manifold cat walks and choreographies. Staffed by human visitors, who come along to treat the residents to food, or to simply watch and enjoy their feline grace, the PolyCatOikia forms a cultural habitat for cat and man alike – or free after Le Corbusier: an Unité de la Cohabitation. Together with the other six installations of the SECOND NATURE project the object will remain in the Municipal Garden in the Ktima district for the duration of the PAFOS 2017 European Capital of Culture programme.

PolyCatOikia - Unité de la cohabitation
A project by Emilio Koutsoftides & Gabor Stark
Pafos, Cyprus 2017

Commissioned by:
PAFOS 2017 European Capital of Culture

Andreas Tsappas, timber
Charalambos Komodros, steel
Multibuild Ltd., concrete

With special thanks to:
Valentinos Stefanou, curator of the SECOND NATURE project and the whole team at PAFOS 2017
Christian Naydenov & Konstantinos Karseras for the additional animal photography
Margaret Paraskos, Cyprus College of Art
Costas Koutsoftides, Koutsoftides Architects