RIBA Dissertation Prize Nomination

In Search of Well Tempered Environment(s)

This years CSA nomination for the RIBA Dissertation Prize was Daniel Stilwell's MArch paper, 'In Search of Well Tempered Environment(s)'.

In Search of Well-tempered Environment(s)’ explores the interior conditions of the home through relational qualities of space, material, philosophy, psychology, geography and history. This research looks at non-stereotypical understandings of setting, situation, context, habitat and shelter in material, immaterial, tangible and intangible ways. Whilst Reyner Banham in 'The Architecture of the Well-tempered Environment' sets out to write a book about firsts and not most in well-tempered living through technological advances, environmental awareness in architectural histories and the reliance on mechanical services to create his environmental bubble, this research proposes that there are relational conditions, working together. This research provides alternate views, thinking and research on the semantic linguistics at play with environment(s) of domesticity. Showing how habitat, surrounding, setting and context can change the conditions of the interior and of the everyday life.

About the RIBA Student Prizes
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