Sea & Walk - an exhibition of photographs by Nigel Green

An exhibition of the photography of Nigel Green to coincide with the launch of Sea & Walk, a guide to the North Downs Way produced by DAD (Dover Arts Development). Exhibition: 10th - 25th February Open 1000 - 1600 Monday - Friday Opening 1730 10th February. School of Architecture Foyer Lecture by Nigel Green 1830 10th February. School of Architecture Crit Room Like all good guides, Nigel Green’s selection of buildings and landmarks provides a structured way of experiencing our journey, framing our understanding and appreciation of its character and heritage. As with the very best of this genre, the directions in which our attentions are drawn reveal unexpected aspects of the built environment and propose re-evaluations of how we understand and value the places connected by the North Downs Way. Conspicuously absent are the familiar townscapes, monuments and picturesque panoramas of the Downs and the towns and villages that populate them. It is the relationship between this absence and the unashamedly Modern presence of Green’s selected places and buildings that is so striking and insightful. Often dismissed or overlooked in any appraisal of the extraordinary built heritage of the region; the architecture and engineering highlighted here speaks to an optimistic future, ever-present in the ideals and legacies of Modernist design. If we understand the sum total of our built heritage as the accumulated infrastructure that supports our public and private lives, it is worth considering what quality of public life is proposed in these projects. They suggest an openness to change and an embrace of new ideas and technologies. As we continue to transform our landscapes and towns in the future, the accumulated spirit of these projects reminds us that we have the responsibility not only to protect all that is best from the past, but to also build new possibilities and futures.