SYN City – Graduate Diploma Studio Blog goes live

SYN City is a research and design studio within the Graduate Diploma course at CSA. The studio explores the dialectic and contested nature of the contemporary city by focusing on its internal and external, its typological and political frontiers. Embracing critical, formal and activist practices alike, students analyse the complex and antithetical forces within the expanded field of urban transformation processes and synthesise them into programmatic and spatial and temporal design proposals.                 >abort/retry/fail? by Pierre Devlin and Julian Seagars The academic year started with a cinematographic exploration of Ebbsfleet, located on the edge between London and Kent. All films can be seen on our blog now: SYN City Studio Students: Samantha Brewer, Daniel Cohen, Guy De Montfort, Alessio Cuozzo, Pierre Devlin, George Esdaile, Jennifer Fleming, Benjamin Haswell, Zerrin Kabaoglu, Savvina Kazamia, Aris Kontagiannis, Simon Miller, Maria Papanicolaou, Julian Seagars, Desislava Zhekova Tutor: Gabor Stark