SYN City presents proposals for a temporary park to Ashford Borough Council

As part of their pioneer urbanism agenda, students of the postgraduate research and design studio SYN City presented their proposals for a temporary park to representatives of Ashford Borough Council.
The pioneer landscapes are designed to animate Elwick Place, a strategically important regeneration area in central Ashford. The studio developed alternative programmatic approaches, strategies and tactics in order to give access to the currently fenced-off site, to catalyse an incremental regeneration process and to augment the public realm by providing a civic platform for the curation of cultural and community events.
The proposals were presented to Councillor Graham Galpin, Richard Alderton, Head of Planning, and Mark Chaplin, Principal Urban Designer. The studio and our partners at the council are currently working on the format for a second presentation – this time to key political and cultural players in Ashford. We’ll keep you posted.

All presentations can be seen on the SYN City blog:

Level Up - Ashford Civic Circus by S. Miller + J. Seagars

SYN City studio
Sam Geoghegan, Gabriel Fayika, Savina Kourtidou, Michael Krinou, Tereza Papadoudi, Tenesha Caton, Pierre Devlin, Aris Kontagiannis, Simon Miller, Julian Seagars, Maria Papanicolaou, Desislava Zhekova, Hele Ma and Anna Solomatina

Tutor: Gabor Stark