SYN City - Writings on contemporary urbanism

New publication series of the MA Urban Design course at Canterbury

The MA Urban Design course at UCA Canterbury addresses contemporary issues in urbanism. Its research and design agenda aims to advance the understanding of the economic, ecological, social and political dynamics, which shape the built environment, and actively engages with the existing responsibilities and the emerging practices of urban design. Embracing critical and activist, formal and programmatic methodologies alike, students analyse the complex forces within the field of urban transformation processes and synthesise them into strategic, spatial and temporal design proposals. This includes established techniques for the analysis and understanding of spatial systems and socioeconomic milieus, as well as experimental and innovative forms of mapping and intervening within the urban condition.

SYN City - Writings on contemporary urbanism edits and disseminates the outcome of these investigations in a series of publications and makes them accessible to a wider public audience.

You can find out more about the MA Urban Design here including how to apply.