Wearable Architecture

The first project of the year for our first year students on BA Arch & BA IAD

CHAN ,COOK,SIVES, AJAZ_1 from CantArch on Vimeo.

Alexander_Aylward-jones_Church_Estillord_Sönmez_Film_1 from CantArch on Vimeo.

Wearable Architecture was the first design brief that encouraged students to develop a deep knowledge and understanding of place and peoples reaction and connection to it. From the beginning, the Stage One students had to work beyond the confines/relative safety of the design studio, exploring the social, cultural and political milieu of the everyday, the ‘infra-ordinary’ (Perec 1973) on Canterbury High Street. Rather than emphasizing the exceptional, the sensational or the spectacular, the concept of the ‘infra-ordinary’ focused the students attention on those everyday things we often take for granted, but that nevertheless inform our perception and therefore our experience of the urban environment; the obvious, the mundane, the habitual, the parts of every day life that go unnoticed.

Working in small groups, students started the project by mapping the ‘infra-ordinary’ themes and patterns encountered on their given site. Following this exercise, they then focused on a single theme observing and recording its qualities and exploring ways of amplifying the perception of those qualities. Based on these investigations, students developed, assembled and deployed; either sanctioned or unsanctioned interventions along the High Street, which allowed them to test their designs in a ‘real life’ situation.